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The golf coach app was developed to help coaches train their students in golf skills, at beginner and advanced levels. The application has been planned to offer videos that can enhance the skills of the student and help them gain proficiency in the game. There are various tools available that can help the trainers in improving the quality of lessons.

Business Problem

The client, a golf coach, wanted to be able to deliver lessons to the students during the peak Pandemic when everything went remote. They didn’t want to hamper the learning of their students.

Consistency is the key to sharpening golf skills. In the remote environment, the biggest challenge was to enable the students to be able to play the sport at home and gain the skills.

They wanted to make sure that the training continued and that the students were gaining the necessary skills, as needed for the level.

The Big Idea

The client wanted to use technology as a way to connect with the students who were getting trained in golf by them. They wanted to make it as good as in-person training.

The big idea: A golf coach app that would allow the coaches to interact with the students in real-time. it should also have a facility for students to learn the sport at their pace.

Brief into Golf Coach App

  • The golf coach app was created to help the coaches connect with students and train them in the sport. The application comprised a video streaming library where all the lessons were stored according to the skill and expertise needed. The lessons would be unlocked according to the level of the student.
  • At the same time, the app supported in-person training through live streaming of the class. This enabled the coach to get in touch with the players in different groups. They could easily manage the schedules and groups using the app, thus ensuring individual time and attention to their golf players.
  • The player will get recommendations based on the videos they have viewed, which will help improve their learning.
  • The coach can keep up with the video learning, and ensure it is not completely passive. Whenever the student requests a video, the coach will know and can engage with the player individually.

Our Process

  • Our process began with a simple kickoff meeting, which allowed us to understand the client’s requirements. After several discussions, we understood the true purpose, the complete requirements, and the work scope of the golf coach app.
  • We discussed how they wanted the app to flow. We also connected with them for coach and student applications.
  • Once we were clear and everything was documented, we began prototyping the application. We designed the wireframes, created the flow, and even invested in user experience. Once we received approvals for the screen, we began with the coding process.
  • A thorough testing was conducted before we deployed the app to the store.
golf coach app


Our biggest challenge was to engage the students via the golf coach app. We needed to make the interface exciting and interesting so that more players engage with the application.

We had to provide a way for live classes so that coaches and students can interact. We created the necessary algorithm. We made sure that the live classes could be streamed on low bandwidth and limited internet connectivity.

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  • Video Lesson Library

    The students can view categorised video lessons for different golf skills.

  • Video Analytics

    The app will suggest related lesson videos based on the user's watch history using analytics.

  • Video Skill Request

    The student can send their own skill video to the coach to analyze and provide feedback, for corrections and advise.

  • Lesson Ratings

    In the Golf Coach App, The students can add ratings for the video streaming lessons which will be visible to the admin.

  • Video Request Management

    The coach can view all the video requests from the students and provide their feedback.

  • Video Editing Tool

    The coach can view skill videos from the students and edit video by marking with various editing tools like line, square, arrow, colors, text, brush, slow motion video, frame by frame video.

  • Video Lesson Suggestion

    The coach can also send video lesson suggestions for further training and correction in the skill.

  • Push Notification

    In the Golf Coach App, The coach and students will receive push notification for video skill requests.

  • Admin Portal

    The system admin can use the admin portal to manage the application process from a user friendly interface.

  • Users Management

    The system admin can manage student users from the admin panel and allows mobile app access to the coach and students.

  • Video Lesson Management

    The system admin can create video lesson libraries along with quiz questions for videos.

  • Student Video Management

    In the Golf Coach App, The system admin can view and manage skill videos requests created by the students.

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