Healthcare Marketplace Concierge Application


The healthcare marketplace app was developed to allow patients to identify the best-suited practitioner (care provider) for their needs. The core purpose of creating the telemedicine app was to improve healthcare delivery and make it more accessible to patients. Moreover, it helped improve acquisitions and conversions for the caregiver. 

Business Problem

Apart from the search engine, there was no concrete place for patients to look for doctors. They had to look across multiple websites, channel their inner research abilities and identify the doctor. It was challenging to compare the doctors solving a similar problem, as that needed a paper and pen approach.

With the increasing number of caregivers, and health issues on a rise, there was a growing need for a single place where patients can meet healthcare providers. People also craved the convenience provided by telemedicine app solutions.

The Big Idea

The client wanted a solution that will help patients connect with suitable caregivers. They wanted to ensure all the practitioners are listed in a single place for all the healthcare issues. Apart from this, they wanted to allow patients to contact, take appointments and get their treatment done online.

The big idea: To develop a healthcare marketplace app for patients and caregivers. Separate apps need to be developed for both to fulfill their respective requirements and help accomplish their goals.

Brief into Healthcare Marketplace Application

  • The healthcare marketplace app will allow doctors to list themselves, their services, charges, and consultation timing. The app will allow doctors to check on in-app payments, and acquire new customers. At the same time, it will help with retention through follow-up and reminders.
  • The patient app will allow them to check on doctors for the issue they are facing, and compare the services, ratings & reviews. Lastly, they can go with an in-app consultation (video and audio). They can also book in-person consultations, pay for the services and handle records of the treatment.
  • The app should also allow doctors and patients to share the scans, past records, and other details helpful in the treatment plan.

Our Process

  • The first thing the client mentioned was that they needed a healthcare marketplace app for both iOS and Android. So, we built a dedicated team for iPhone app development and Android app development.
  • After several meetings with the client, we came to detail the problem and the features required for the application development. We chalked out a strategy to develop the mobile app.
  • Once the team had the strategy in hand, they devised the execution and got started with design followed by development and testing.
  • Once we had the bug-free app in our hand, we deployed it to both Apple and Google Play stores.
healthcare marketplace app


  • The biggest challenge with a telemedicine app is to ensure the security of patient data. We had to make sure that the app is secure enough to transfer the data without loss or vulnerability
  • We also had to make the app compliant with HIPAA to assure trust and reliability

We connected with the team at the client’s end to understand how we can introduce HIPAA compliance. We also devised the strategy and logic to ensure safety layers through the database so that there are minimal risks and no data loss.


  1. AI in Healthcare
  2. Telemedicine App Development
  3. On-Demand Medical Services App


  • User Verification

    The patients need to provide verified data about their personal details and medical details, then only they are given access to the mobile application.

  • Patient Details

    Patients can enter their personal, health and medical details for the doctors review along with concierge and imaging. The surgeons can view these details before any consultation.

  • HIPAA Compliance

    The whole platform is HIPAA compliance to protect the patients' and surgeons’ personal data and medical conditions.

  • Real-Time Updates

    In the healthcare marketplace app, Patients will get real-time updates via push notifications for their request status and can view all status updates in the request.

  • Online Payment Module

    Patients can pay online for the surgery cases within the app via payment gateway integration. Patients are charged via pre-authorized payment process.

  • Push notifications

    In the healthcare marketplace app have integration of push notifications for case inquiry and status updates to patients and surgeons.

  • Web Portal

    Dedicated web portal for admin to manage the patients and surgeons and verify their details over the web portal

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