Telemedicine App Development


Telemedicine app development improves healthcare delivery in a remote environments. With the proper mobile application, you can enhance record maintenance, and remote consultations and improve overall healthcare infrastructure without adding costs.

Business Problem

The endless queues, inability to get the right doctor for consultation, and the hassles of booking an appointment led to delays in care and treatment. Most patients weren't going to the right doctor or getting the proper solution.

Moreover, patients visited the doctors after office hours, leading to huge queues and decreased productivity. The doctor couldn't attend to all patients in the limited hours and could not use their entire day to the fullest.

The Big Idea

Our client wanted to solve this problem related to healthcare delivery, prescription management, and maintaining electronic healthcare records (EHR).
The big idea- Telemedicine app development that offered consultations via audio/video calls. At the same time, the app will ensure that the prescriptions are shared with the patient, which they can use to buy the medicines.

A Small Brief into Telemedicine App

  • Patients can create a detailed profile with their personal information and medical history with telemedicine app solutions. This is shared with the doctor whom you are consulting for the issue.
  • Telemedicine app development allows patients to book appointments, schedule video calls, and connect with licensed doctors.
  • The in-app payments allow the patients to pay the doctor fee at the end of the call. Video call allows the doctors to view the issues (rashes, burns, etc.), which can help them prescribe the right medicines. In the same app, the patients can view prescriptions and order history.
  • At the same time, the doctors can send reminders for follow-up consultations.

Our Process

  • Our experienced app developers met with the client’s team to develop the telemedicine application for the client. After several interactions and a complete transfer of the business logic for the platform, we ended the Discovery phase.
  • To ensure seamless deliveries, we confirmed the client was in the loop at every phase. We created the feature list and planned for the development and milestones to detail the work scope, budget, and deliveries.
  • Once approved, our team worked on the prototypes and design. This detailed UX design, interface detailing, and navigation.
  • The last was building the app, testing it, and finally getting it approved by the client. We helped with the deployment post-optimization of the application.
telemedicine app development


Akin to in-person consultations, there would be a queue in the telemedicine app. We had to ensure that the queue was well-managed and that the patients could book an appointment with minimal wait.

The other big issue was the rescheduling feature. If the patient/doctor is unavailable, the app must help reschedule the call. We had to include an option for the same.

We built an algorithm that helped solve this issue and added it to the logic. So, time slots where the doctor is unavailable are automatically removed from the system. The patients can see when the doctor is fully booked versus when they are available.


  1. AI in Healthcare
  2. Healthcare Marketplace Concierge App
  3. On-Demand Medical Services App


  • User Verification

    The patients need to provide verified data about their personal details and medical details, then only they are given access to the mobile application.

  • Automated Queue Process

    App has an automated algorithm to manage patients queues and estimate time based on average of all calls. Patients will receive notifications for their turn.

  • Patient Details

    Patients can enter their personal, health and medical details for the doctors review. The doctors can view these details over the telemedicine call before providing any consultation.

  • Telemedicine Call

    Patients can book a telemedicine video call for the online recommendations with a doctor. They will be notified before the time of the call. Messaging: Patients can also chat with doctors along with the video call

  • Messaging

    Patients can also chat with doctors along with the video call simultaneously during the telemedicine call.

  • Online Prescription

    Patients can review the prescription provided by the doctors after the video call and can checkout for the order by completing online payment.

  • Order Management

    Patients can view current and previous order history from the mobile apps and track the order updates

  • Real-Time Updates

    Patients will get real-time updates via push notifications for their request status and can view all status updates in the request.

  • In-App Payment Module

    Patients can pay online for the booking requests within the app via payment gateway integration. Patients are charged via pre-authorized payment process.

  • Push notifications

    The mobile apps have integration of push notifications for booking request status updates and alerts for bookings

  • Web Portal

    Dedicated web portal for admin and doctors to manage the video calls from web portal and manage prescriptions

  • User Management

    Admin can manage patient users and doctor users from a web portal. Admin can verify the details submitted by the patients.

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