On-Demand Medical Services Application


The on-demand medical services app can instantly connect patients to the doctor at the earliest. In this case, the time delay is minimal, ensuring care is provided at the earliest. It has made telemedicine services easy and accessible to people while blurring geographical boundaries.

Business Problem

The Pandemic led to a lot of people moving to remote work. This led to a significant issue in accessing doctors and health practitioners. People needed the convenience of getting doctors without stepping outside their homes. At the same time, they also wanted to make sure they could choose the doctor and the appointment time.

With a bleak future in in-person practice, practitioners were also looking for ways to connect with their patients. With the rise in telemedicine, the healthcare industry was looking for an opportunity to enhance the experience of both patients and providers.

The Big Idea

The client wanted to offer the convenience of medical services apps along with on-demand solutions to enhance the experience of both parties in a healthcare marketplace (read practitioners and patients).

The big idea: To develop an on-demand medical services app that includes in-person consultations, telemedicine, video/audio communication, and health record management. Patients and doctors can sign up for these apps and connect as needed.

Brief into On-demand Medical Services Application

  • The telemedicine app will allow doctors across expertise to sign up and create their profiles. Patients can create their profile, view the doctor for the issue they are facing, select the most appropriate one, and book the consultation date & time.
  • Apart from booking, the patients can complete the payments online as well. The on-demand medical services application maintains a complete record of the conversation and patient issues.
  • We devised this dedicated application to help medical providers manage requests hassle-free. At the same time, patients can seek consultations or medical help without delays.

Our Process

  • We created an accessible process that allowed us to deliver the telemedicine application for the requirements raised by our client.
  • First, our team worked with the client to understand the issues faced by the end customers, the challenges they wanted the app to help with, and the project's scope.
  • Our team worked on defining the requirements, features, technology stack, and all the details necessary to chalk out a plan.
  • Once the plan was ready, our designers set to work on the interface for the medical services app. Considering the minimal learning curve requirement, we stepped up for the occasion by delivering a functional and accessible interface design.
  • Our coders made the interface intuitive with their knowledge of programming language and frameworks. After finishing the testing, we deployed the app and kept our eyes on the feedback.
On-Demand Medical Services Application


With the ongoing pandemic situation, there is an increase in home-based services as well as online consultation services so that people can easily interact without going outside of their homes. Our client approached us with an idea to develop a platform that can provide home visit services and telemedicine services for needy patients via a mobile app

The Expert App Devs technical team attended various meetings with the client team to understand the business logic of the whole platform as well as discussed technical aspects with the client team for the medical field-based applications. With the fast-paced approach from both sides, our team delivered the project in no time and with great performance.


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  • User Verification

    The medical providers are vetted professionals and allowed access to the mobile application after strict verification from the backend.

  • Nearby Search Module

    Patients can enter their personal and medical condition details using the app. Based on the details they can search nearby providers on the Google Map.

  • Google Map Integration

    Patients and medical providers, both can view request location on Google Map and easily locate the home bookings location from the app

  • Booking Request Module

    Medical providers and patients can manage current and previous home visit and telemedicine requests from the mobile app. Both users can view all the updates for their requests.

  • Patient Details

    Patients can enter their personal, health and medical details for the doctors review. Medical providers can view these details before providing any consultation.

  • Telemedicine Call

    Patients can book a telemedicine video call for the online recommendations with a doctor. They will be notified before the time of the call.

  • Audio Recording

    Medical providers can record patient's home visits as an audio recording and also play the recording from the app.

  • Real-Time Updates

    Patients and medical providers will get real-time updates via push notifications for their request status and can view all status updates in the request.

  • In-App Payment Module

    Patients can pay online for the booking requests within the app via payment gateway integration. Patients are charged via pre-authorized payment process.

  • Review & Rating

    Patients can rate their experience once a request is completed by the medical providers.

  • Push notifications

    Both, patient and medical provider apps have integration of push notifications for booking request status updates and alerts for bookings

  • User Management

    Admin can manage patients users and medical provider users from a web portal. Admin can verify the documentation submitted by the medical providers.

  • Booking Request Management

    Admin can manage patient booking requests and view the status of booking requests from the web portal.

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