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The on-demand group ride app allows customers to book a cab and share it with other people. It has been built keeping in mind the carpooling benefits. This app will connect drivers and riders only for carpooling or ride-sharing services.

Business Problem

Carpooling is a growing concept that drives environmental responsibility and sustainability. At a moment when on-demand cab solutions were at a high, carpooling was still not included in the majority of the solutions. The group ride app is aimed at making ridesharing or carpooling secure and effortless for the customers.

While there are several on-demand applications, carpooling is either an option or not on their list. There was a need for an app that promoted ridesharing for group riders. This meant if a group is already ready for ridesharing, the app should allow a single person to book for them all.

The Big Idea

The client decided to help people who are fine with sharing their rides with drivers who offer carpooling services.

The big idea: A group ride app that allowed riders to scan the QR code and join the ride. If a single group wants to carpool, the facility should be provided by the carpooling service.

Brief into On Demand Group Ride App

  • What happens in a regular on-demand carpooling app- a rider can select their location and ride as a single person. However, a few carpooling apps allow you to select four people. 
  • You cannot book the vehicle of your choice and select the group riding with you in most cases. The group ride app allows users to connect with carpooling service providers (drivers) and share the cab as a group. This is a marketplace that aims to connect people already in taxi-driving in ride sharing to be part of their driver community. 
  • The QR code scanning makes it easier for the driver to know the ride has started and enables a quick journey for the customers.

Our Process

  • The client did a quick requirements gathering and explained how they visualized the group ride app. The idea was to look into the database of people already working individually as group ride providers and connect them to the marketplace. 
  • We met the client several times to understand the flow, business logic, model, and even the payment system they plan to integrate. Once we were ready with the information, we began with basic application development.
  • With time, we added features and functionality that helped advance the app solution.
group ride app


  • The market was already flooded with on-demand ride-sharing apps. We had to develop a group ride app that would enable carpooling, stay differentiated from the market, and attract customers.

We began with an MVP, tested the market, and began adding features as per the needs and feedback of the customers.

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  • User Verification

    The riders and drivers are verified to avoid spamming as well as security purposes. The drivers are verified with strict checking and approved only when offline verification is completed from backend.

  • Nearby Search Module

    In carpooling app, riders can search for group riders on address location and mobile apps will show nearby drivers accordingly on the Google Map.

  • Google Map Integration

    Riders and drivers, both can view ride request locations on Google Map to easily locate the rider’s or driver’s location

  • Ride Request Module

    Riders and drivers can manage current and previous ride requests from the mobile app. Both users can view updates for their ride request within the app itself.

  • Real-Time Updates

    Riders will get real-time updates via push notifications for their request status and can view all status updates in the request screen.

  • In-App Payment Module

    Riders can pay online for the ride requests within the app via payment gateway integration. Riders will be charged for the ride request via pre-authorized payment process.

  • Split Payment Module

    The individual users in the group can also opt in for a split payment option, where individuals can pay their share of the cost separately.

  • Reservations Module

    In carpooling app, Riders can also book the vehicles for a longer duration using a future reservation module.

  • Driver Availability

    Drivers can manage their profile as well as set their online availability according to their need.

  • Review & Rating

    Riders can rate their ride experience when any request is completed by the drivers.

  • Push notifications

    Both app, riders and drivers have push notifications capability for new rider requests and ongoing ride updates.

  • User Management

    Admin can manage rider users and driver users from the web portal. Admin can verify the documentation submitted by the drivers and approve them to use the app by offline verification

  • Ride Management

    In carpooling app, admin can manage riders ride requests and view the status of ride requests from the web portal.

  • Vehicle Management

    Admin can manage riders vehicles and view the vehicle assignments to different drivers from the web portal.

  • Corporation Services Management

    The platform also provides facilities for corporate users to use the group transportation services for their clients or their employees.

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