SaaS based Holiday App


The Holiday App is a SaaS-based platform in the field of apps for recreation, both for campsites, holiday parks, group accommodations, and B&Bs. The application has been developed very flexibly. Admin can dynamically create various blocks on the homepage, set up menu structure, add custom theme colors in the app according to the user’s choice. The application is useful for clients to manage the app data like interpretation design, creating unlimited pages and photo books, showing opening hours in one overview, showing opening times at specific facilities such as the swimming pool, showing a map of the holiday park, showing Google Maps when out and about options, and showing the weather forecast. Admin can easily keep in touch with the guests. The guests can access the functionalities such as informative pages, set up admin, animation programs, place orders for sandwiches and snacks, receive push messages from admin, view opening hours for the places.

saas based holiday app


Our client wanted to develop a Saas (Software as a Service) based platform for campsites, holiday parks, group accommodations, and B&Bs clients and make it very easy for them to manage their business and provide a great app to their guests. The Expert App Devs technical team attended various meetings with the client team to understand the business and also discussed revenue generation approaches with the team.

The main challenge was to create an effective SaaS platform that can be easily managed from the admin back office as well as provide a maximum level of control to clients to customize their app according to their needs. Our team provided various suggestions to create a dynamically managed mobile app as well as a web portal. With the fast-paced approach from both sides, our team delivered the project in no time and with great performance.

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  • SaaS Platform

    The mobile app is built for the SaaS based platform, so Admin can dynamically create various blocks on the homepage, set up menu structure, add custom theme colors in the app according to the user’s choice.

  • Food orders

    The guests can browse various food like snacks & sandwiches based on the category and place order for their food.

  • Opening Hours

    The guests can view opening-closing hours for the place.

  • Events & programs

    The guests can view various events and programs setup by the admin for the place.

  • Payment Module

    Customers can do online payment from the mobile app.

  • Client Management

    Admin can manage client users and their app data from the web portal.

  • App Management

    Admin & client can manage the app data like theme color designs, menu options, food options, pages and photo books, opening hours, opening times at specific facilities, map of the holiday park, Google Map, and the weather forecast.

  • Food Management

    Admin can manage all the food menu items and their stock from the web portal.

  • Food Order Management

    Admin can manage customer orders and update the orders from the web portal.

  • Push Notification Module

    Admin can send push notification to the guest and the app will receive a special notification on his/her screen.

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