Science Experiment Lab Game Application


The project-based learning can enhance the skills of the child and enable them to understand better. The science experiment lab game application has been built to provide the learning environment for the children. They can use the app to try out the science tricks and experiments and see how they work.

Business Problem

There are a lot of things where you apply science. However, most kids are unable to relate the everyday science with their textbooks. While they have learnt theories and experiments, they don’t know real-world application. 
Moreover, for a lot of children, the subject seems to be tough and boring. Kids opt out of this subject owing to the complex theories surrounding it. There was a need to make science interesting and easy. It was important to get the theory and application right, and make it interesting and accessible for the kids.

The Big Idea

It was time to engage in game-based learning. Using game-based learning, the kids can understand how to apply the theory.

The big idea: A science experiment lab game application that will help kids perform experiments at home using ingredients easily available. 

Brief into Science Experiment Lab Game Application

  • The science experiment lab game for Kids was built to offer guided lessons in practical science. The app offers basic and interesting science tricks. It also offers a range of experiments that are easy to perform and uses homemade ingredients.
  • It is akin to a science experiment lab, which has been developed online. At the end of every experiment, the tutors offer an explanation of the experiment, the results, and what worked.
  • The idea behind developing the application was to integrate science into everyday life and make learning easy.

Our Process

  • The client was already sure of all the science experiments and games they wanted in the science experiment lab game application. They explained the purpose and business logic of the app.
  • Together, we defined the project scope and requirements for the application. We developed a feature list before we took off with the next few steps.
  • Internal discussions helped us identify the best-fit technology and tools for the particular app development. We decided on the tech stack, the blueprint for the app development, and other strategies.
  • We began designing the interface for the application, as that was crucial. We kept in mind that we were designing for kids, which made it important to keep the interface intuitive. At the same time, we wanted to attract the kids with excellent graphics.
  • We built the app with high-quality codes and tested every part before launching it.
science experiment games for kids


Our client came up with a unique idea to develop a science experiment lab game development with a learning perspective for small kids and toddlers. Our client explained the idea to develop this science experiment lab game which can have simple science tricks that kids can learn using the basic items available at home.

The biggest challenge was keeping the users engaged and drawing their attention to the experiments. We had to ensure that the tutors could easily get the students to understand the experiments with the application. As it was not real-time, our graphics and in-app designs were responsible for engagement, which made us work harder to make it child-friendly, accessible, and intuitive.

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  • Kids Friendly

    The science experiment lab game graphics are colorful and beautiful, so that kids never get bored off. The game controls and sound indicators also help kids to perform the task in the right way.

  • Easy to Learn

    Kids can learn day to day farm activities easily using this game. There are various levels & activities and according to them there are various tasks to perform.

  • Advertisements

    For revenue generation, the game has in-app advertisement which is integrated using Google AdMob platform.The advertisements are implemented smartly so that kids do not accidentally touch them while playing the game.

  • In-App Purchases

    For advertisement free game experience, there is also an in-app purchase option available, which users can purchase for one time and access the game without advertisements.

  • Attractive Graphics

    Science experiment games for kids has attractive graphics and UI/UX that will children with the game and never get them bored.

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