Ludo and Snake Ladder Game Development


The mobile gaming app segment is growing popular among all ages. With multi-player games gaining attention, it was a good idea to translate the most popular ludo and snake ladder games from board games to mobile apps.

Business Problem

Board games are used to help increase bonding among family members. With the rise in mobile gaming, board games took a backseat. Most mobile game development is single-player only and does not require interaction with family members.

People were observing a loss of family time. There was a need to integrate mobile with family so that you could modernize togetherness.

The Big Idea

The client saw the popularity of Ludo among the modern audience and decided it was a good way to let friends and family bond.

The big idea: The client wanted to create Ludo with a difference. They wanted to give it a multi-player twist; at the same time, they wanted to make it a multi-game app. that’s why they created the ludo and snake ladder game.

Brief into Ludo and Snake & Ladder Game

  • The mobile game that our team developed consisted of both ludo and snake & ladder games. With this mobile game, multiple players could compete against each other in these two games.
  • The user can also play against the computer if they want. If there is a group of six players, they can play both games together.
  • The idea was to bring the board game fun to the mobile app and increase the engagement levels among family and friends. With this game app, people no longer need to play individual games.
  • The AI built in this game is very impressive, as it helps compete with the computer and engage the customers when there is no one to play with.

Our Process

  • We had several discussions with the client on how they wanted to build the Ludo and Snake and Ladder game into a mobile app. We wanted to understand what gaps they wanted to fill, and how would they differentiate from the already available gaming apps.
  • Once we had the business logic, purpose, and requirements clear, we started designing the screens. We wanted to make the screens attractive and engaging so that more players engage with the application.
  • While developing the ludo and snake ladder game, we wanted to ensure it can engage multiple players. We wanted to have a group of five or six people playing the game together. With AI-based algorithms, we ensured that the game against the computer is equally interesting and interactive.
ludo and snake ladder game


One of the significant challenges was the seamless play between the user and the computer. We had to ensure that the computer is able to study the game properly and make the right move. It should be akin to playing with another player. We used Machine Learning to develop the patterns for the different aspects of the game. The algorithm kept evolving with time, which helped us create a seamless play.

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  • Multiplier Game

    The ludo and snake ladder game can be played in multiplayer mode with upto 6 people.

  • 2 in 1 Game

    This game has both Ludo as well as Snake & Ladder option to play with computer or with multiplier mode upto 6 people.

  • Advertisements

    For revenue generation, the game has in-app advertisement which is implemented using Google AdMob platform.

  • Powerful AI

    Both ludo and snake ladder game can be played with AI Computer. Our AI computer can be very hard to beat and users will enjoy the game playing with the AI computer.

  • Attractive Graphics

    Our game has attractive graphics and UI/UX that will keep users engaged with the game and never get them bored.

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