The Most-awaited Android 13.0 Stable Version Released

September 28, 2023 6 min read
android 13 features

Since Google announced the new version with powerful and sought-after features for Android developers, Android customers have been waiting for its launch with bated breath. Last week, 15th of August, the makers unveiled a stable version of the OS for Pixel and premium Android devices last week. The company had planned the Android 13 release date for approximately the same time, and they didn’t miss the window.

Android has constantly been upping its game with newer features, integration of current technologies, and assisted documentation that improves the developer’s capabilities.

The new version, also known as Tiramisu (Google is fond of naming their OS versions after desserts and confectionaries), will redefine the interface and app design we know.

In this article, we will be taking you through some of the feature additions and aesthetic transformations that will enhance the robustness, reliability, and visual appeal of Android apps.

Android 13 Features

While Android has attained maturity, and the recent version update doesn’t offer groundbreaking functionality, the stable version provides opportunities for developers and customers to explore and unveil the platform.

1. Interface Changes

android 13 interface changes

The new version has introduced many interfaces design changes to enhance interaction and experience. For a start, they have introduced a new feature called a themed icon.

1.1 Themed Icon

You could customize the theme for the rest of the application in the earlier version. With the new Android 13, you can auto-theme your icon to match your color specifications. For this purpose, the developers will have to opt-in for auto-theming app icons when developing the application. So, if you compare Android 13 vs Android 12, you will notice an upgrade in the themed feature.

In this case, the icons will take the color from the wallpaper, thus syncing with the background.

The app should include both Adaptive and Monochromatic Icon in the backend. When the user toggles between the themes, the app should call the specific icon from the backend. 

Note: Currently, it is enabled only on Pixel Android devices.

1.2 Material You

With Material You revamp, Google has also come out with more color palettes for the interface design. They are all in between expressive and neutral. These new tones will add more vibrance to your interface and make it accessible.

2. App-specific Language

android 13 app specific language

For a long time, you could choose one default app language that would appear across all mobile applications. However, that has changed with the new version.

You can choose the default language. At the same time, you can choose to use another language for the other apps.

For instance, if you want to use a particular app in Hindi while the default is English, the new version allows you to do that. This new update will enhance user experience.

Developers must integrate additional APIs and incorporate the basic system settings to ensure this feature is available with Android 13-based applications.

3. Check for App Updates

android 13 check for app updates

For a while, customers would update the app without realizing if there was a functionality update or not. That will change with the new version of Android. Google will add functionality that will check and tell the users if there is a feature update. If there is, the tile settings will show it to the users, who can update the app accordingly.

If they want to add a new feature or update the app, the quick settings replacement API will ensure that the update is done without moving out of the app. A dialog box will open automatically, which will ask for confirmation. This is one of the most promising Android 13 features.

4. Security Updates

android 13 security updates

The one update that most developers and users await whenever an OS is upgraded is the security-related update. Android 13 aims to make app runtime safe and secure for the users.

  • The first security update concerns the broadcast receiver. The app will now ask permission before exporting the broadcast receiver. It will not make the receiver visible unless you assure it won’t impact the other apps or cause automated broadcasts from other applications. This will ensure that the broadcasts are completely app-specific, thus ensuring the proper safety of data.
  • When the app accessed external data storage earlier, it would access the entire thing with single permission. With the new update, the app will ask for three-layered permission. You can grant the permission most suited to your needs.
    • Read Media Images
    • Read Media Audio
    • Read Media Video
  • If you are using the “Nearby Devices” function in the app, make sure the app asks for permission before accessing the WIFI connection in the vicinity. This new permission control is introduced in the version to make the connectivity more private.
  • If you have created an app that generates keys for security, you will need to add more layers of safety to reduce vulnerabilities. For this purpose, the new version comes with an Android-specific exception that allows better key generation and reliable encryption. It will enhance error reporting during key generation by specifying if the key generation can be retried.

Android 13’s new security features aim to reduce vulnerabilities and enhance experiences.

5. Functionality Enhancements

android 13 functionality enhancements

There have been extensive improvements in the overall operating system functionality that can extend the app features. Here we will discuss them in detail.

  • The operating system has extended Bluetooth LE audio support, allowing them to subscribe to public broadcasts. It also enables customers to access HiFi audio without interrupting the battery power. Depending on the app demand, the developers can introduce the support for LE audio. It will help users share the broadcast audio with friends easily.
  • Whenever you copy something from an app page, the clipboard preview feature will tell you whether or not the copy was successful. It will save you another attempt.
  • The predictive back gesture will allow users to keep going back and forth along the wrong pages of the app. using this feature, the user can determine whether they want to complete the gesture. The Android 13 version will support the new predictive back gesture that can enhance experiences. The user need not go back to know what will appear on the page.

Which Phones will Receive the Android 13 Update?

The Pixels phones are going to receive the stable version of Android 13. The other phones include- Asus, Motorola, OnePlus, Oppo, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, Vivo, and Xiaomi.

However, these phones will take some time around year-end to get the update.

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Android finally ended the anticipation regarding the Android 13 release date by launching it in the market. Since February, developers have been working with the Android 13 beta and wrapping their heads around the features designed to enhance experiences.

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