What is Hybrid App Development and Why we should choose React Native?

February 27, 2024 4 min read
react native for hybrid app development

Let’s start with hybrid app development.

Hybrid app development means creating a single code and running it on multiple platforms. Currently, If we need to create applications for android and iOS then what we are doing as of now. We are creating two different codes of apps that will work on android and iOS. So In this case what will happen. We need to manage two different codes. This means if we need to add a feature on the app side we need to do the same thing twice. Here, Hybrid app development will help us to manage this thing in an easy way. This means you need to write code once and this feature will work on both platforms means it will work on android as well as iOS.

Please check below the advantages of hybrid app development.

  • It will reduce managing different source code.
  • No need to write code two times for android as well as iOS
  • Provide an interface like a native.
  • Provide a way to create a single code and run it on multiple platforms.

Now Let’s check what hybrid technology is available in the market.

There are many development technologies that are providing hybrid app development.

  • iONIC
  • React Native
  • Xamarin
  • Flutter
  • Cordova
  • PhoneGap

And Many more other development technologies are providing hybrid app development.

Now let’s talk about React Native.

First of all, React Native is developed by Facebook. It came on the market around 2012. The first official release was coming on the market in 2015. So we can consider React Native is available in the market for the last 6 years.

survey result of hybrid app development

The above graph shows the overall survey result of hybrid app development worldwide. You can see React Native contains approx 42% worldwide hybrid development. Means Most developers are choosing React native development for hybrid app development.

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Let’s understand what is React Native.

React Native is an open-source mobile application structure invented by Facebook. It is established to develop applications for Android, iOS, Web, and UWP by permissive developers to use React along with native platform efficiency.

React Native is a JavaScript framework.

This framework is used to write real, natively translated mobile apps for Android and ios.

Currently, React native has covered 42% market in developing applications in 2021.

REACT Native is a high pick for those developers who have the ability in JavaScript as there is no demand to learn Android exact Java or iOS Swift.

Now let’s see why major developers are choosing React native.

As discussed above, React native is available in the market for the last 6 years. So it will be easy for developers to find solutions as well as do research for development. Also, React native contains a huge community so it will help you to do development. Please check below the major advantages or react native.

  • It is providing hot reloading. Means In Native development if you need to check the design on the device you need to install an app. Instead of this, Due to hot reload it will allow you to see the result on a device automatically. No need to install apps again and again.
  • React native has a huge community so you can get all documents and find possible solutions from the community. Which is making more user-friendly technology for developers.
  • Code Reusability - Developers can create multiple logics, methods, and components and be able to reuse logics, methods, and components on other apps.
  • A cost-effective solution, Basically it will allow you to create a single code and run it on android as well as iOS. So it will be more cost-effective than the native development.
  • Third-party plugin support - In the market there are multiple plugins available for react native development which makes development easy and will take less time.
  • React native provides a range of ready-made components and libraries which provide predefined solutions for developers so developers have no need to create from scratch.

Now, Let’s talk about why we need to choose react-native development.

As mentioned above, react-native has more advantages over native development. Also, In React native developers not need to maintain separate code it will increase productivity. For Customers, it will be more cost-effective than the native development. Also, Nowadays everyone is using Facebook which is developed in react native so everyone knows how to react native performance and quality.

Hope now you can understand in hybrid development why we need to choose React native.

Hope by reading this blog all things are clear and you got a satisfactory answer.

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