SharePlay in iOS 15

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implement shareplay in ios 15

Apple introduced a new feature in iOS 15 is SharePlay, Share play helps people to share activities like listening to music and watching movies while they are in a FaceTime call.

Users can easily identify SharePlay by the following icon:

SharePlay Icon

What is Apple SharePlay?

  • SharePlay is used to share your iPhone, iPad, or Mac screen during a FaceTime call for watching movies or shows and even listening to songs with your friends. 
  • Everyone can control what's playing and can play, pause, skip, forward according to their convenience.

Which devices and Applications support FaceTime SharePlay?

  • FaceTime SharePlay available in iOS 15 , iPadOS 15 and tvOS 15.
  • Supported applications are Apple Music and a few other streaming services like Disney+, TikTok, HBO Max, and more.

How to use Screen Sharing in FaceTime

  • Open FaceTime application.
  • Start Video Call with FaceTime.
  • After connecting call you can see the SharePlay icon on the top right corner in the new FaceTime control panel.

How to listen to music on FaceTime with SharePlay together

  • Open FaceTime application.
  • Start an audio call with FaceTime contacts.
  • After connecting call open the Apple Music application.
  • Now play a song and click on the top right corner  SharePlay icon.

How to start an online watch party using FaceTime SharePlay

  • Open the FaceTime app.
  • Now, call or share an invitation link with your friends.
  • Open SharePlay supported application and Play whatever you want to watch with your friends. 

Can we use FaceTime SharePlay with Android and Windows?

  • Currently, SharePlay is exclusive for Apple devices.
  • Sharing screen, streaming music, and video are not possible to share over android and windows devices using FaceTime.

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