What are Things Available in New React Native 0.65

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latest version of react native 0.65

Introduction -

React Native launches its new version 0.65 with new Hermes version, accessibility improvements package improvements, etc, following are the new things which launched in react native 0.65.


Changes in Hermes 0.8 -

Hermes is a javascript open-source VM optimization for react-native. Some of the standard changes are following - 

  • It introduces “Hades” which is a garbage collector and it delivers up to 30 times. In Facebook, it improves the CPU-intensive workloads 20% to 50%.
  • Here react-native ECMAScript Internationalization API that is built with android and by default is on, by this change Hermes no longer require locale polyfills. Microsoft made this possible so thanks to them.
  • Apple M1 Macs and Mac Catalyst now supported by Hermes on iOS.
  • Memory improvements including Small Integers and pointer compression that shrank the JS heap by 30 percent.
  • function.prototype.toString changes in react native 0.65 
  • Function prototype fixes a performance drop. 
  • Performance drop occurred because of improper feature detection and supports of the source code.

Additions & Accessibility Fixes - 

Facebook improved the accessibility within react native by using pledge and other accessibility, which is win now and the name of this is  GAAD pledge.
Following are some important changes.

  • It allows the high specification on light and high contrast and dark values for iOS.
  • Here a new API added for android that is the Recommended TimeoutMillis, this exposes the default timeout values and it is set in android accessibility. And it is used when you want to take more time to reach controls and review it.
  • It also allows UI-related changes as well, so some fixes are to ensure TalkBack or VoiceOver properly and announce some UI state changes such as disabled and unselected on components.

Gotchas, Notable Dependency & Version Updates - 

Here are some version updates and many more other changes are present in this tutorial.

  • Now you need to update the devDependency within the package.json, react-native-codegen version 0.0.7 is important to import in devDependency.
  • The next major change is JCenter, JCenter is now read-only and we have removed the  JCenter as a maven repository and we update the dependencies to use MavenCentral and Jitpack.
  • Here upgraded the okHttp from v3 to v4.9.1.  
  • Here you need to upgrade the Flipper to  0.93 to support the Xcode 12.5
  • Here support is found for Android Gradle plugin 7.
  • Also, it requires the apple silicon linker workaround.

In this release, there are more than 1100 commits from 61 contributors.

Some of Other - 

  • react_native_post_install hook is available in place of flipper_post_install.
  • Add onPressOut & onPressIn props to Text.
  • Implement sendAccessibilityEvent in the React(Fabric/non-Fabric) renderer.
  • Changes in I18nManager constants, re-add the localeIdentifier.
  • displayName is added to some RN contexts to make them easy to differentiate when you debugging.
  • Add displayName to TouchableOpacity and TouchableHighlight.
  • PressabilityPerformanceEventEmitte added.
  • Added URLs error messages when the feature is not implemented.
  • New added stickyHeaderHiddenOnScroll option to keep the sticky header hidden during scrolling down, and only slide in when scrolling up.
  • debugName is a new add for a parameter to renderApplication to use as the display name for the React root tree.
  • cancelOnBackground for UserFlow is added.
  • RuntimeScheduler module Introducing.
  • Roll out TurboModule Promise Async Dispatch.

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