The GAAD Pledge

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the gaad pledge

The GAAD pledge is a unique concept in React Native, in which we can improve accessibility in real-time projects. React Native APIs already provide support for accessibility. But many components do not utilize platform-specific APIs for some platform-specific features. Also In some platform-specific features, Support is missing.

The GAAD pledge was launched in 2020 by Diamond. Developers and organizations made a commitment to make accessibility a base value of their digital products. It is open-source and has taken through since last year.

Facebook is delighted to be the first company to take the pledge in the event of Global accessibility awareness day 2020. It has committed that React native is fully accessible.

The eagerness and heterogeneity of contributors have always played a vital role in the development of React native technology. These apertures bring great fortune for current and new contributors. 

To appreciate and thank contributors for their strive, when an accessibility issue is completed and attached to pull request, contributors will get a call out on Twitter from our community director. Whose pull requests of contributors are approved into the codebase will be underlined in monthly obstacles updates on this blog.

How should we help:

  1. New contributors should read the beneficiation guide and search the list of 46 good issues in the React Native Github.

Contribution guide: 





Find good issues

We need to find important issues that contain bugs that have comparatively less scope.


Answering and handling open issues

We can help people by suggesting templates and methods.

Checking pull requests

Reviewing document processes can be easier for grammar and spelling mistakes


Help people to write test plans

Help reviewers understand tested changes, speed up time.


  1. Contributors interested in issues requiring a piece more effort should check the detailed information about React Native accessibility and need to see GitHub issues that need their knowledge of React Native. Reference:
  1. Technological authors interested in updating React Native’s documentation to review the accessibility gaps being closed, need to refer -
  1. Share this capability with anyone who can help in this.
  1. Go along with the GAAD pledge open-source accessibility community director for React Native on Twitter or Facebook to keep fresh on progress.

This is all about the GAAD pledge. Hope you will like this information


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