Why React Native is the Way Forward for Startups?

June 21, 2022 7 min read
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"I have a limited budget, but I want to be able to scale my business app." These are the exact thoughts you have as a startup founder. You want to make your application available to everyone, but the limited budget and extensive scope you have defined make it impossible.

What you need is a reliable engine that will hold your startup application and push you forward. This is why a lot of startups rely on React Native app development company. It allows you to create native-like applications that offer high performance, good speed, and reliability. With this framework, you can create intuitive and experiential apps for your business.

90% of the startups tend to fail or shut down within a few years of starting. This statistic shows that only a few startups get to the mark where they became a household name.

We have curated a few reasons, based on expert’s insights, the reasons why startups tend to fail within their first year.

  1. Before starting, the startups don't research the market to understand the needs of the users
  2. The market-fit is absent, due to which the founders are unable to identify if there are any takers for the product
  3. Funding and quick iterations are ignored, which is one of the prominent reasons for failure. If you don't iterate fast or don't have the backing you need, you can fail

Startups need to think on their foot to get more funding and survive the initial few years. To attain success, the startups need to ensure their releases are appropriately timed and work within the deadlines. It is equally important to scale your business to get more customers. That’s why you need a good mobile app development company as your partner.

Bringing your product to the market and ensuring your product is fit for the market is equally important. If you want to attain all of this and more, you should think of React Native for developing the project.

Why Are Startups Using React Native?

We have discussed all the priorities for startups and why they need a reliable framework. Here are some of the reasons why startups should use React Native app development.

1. Availability of Resources

The abundance of human resources available for React Native is one of the primary reasons why you should use this framework. There are many React Native developers ready to partner with you for your app.

With this framework, you need someone who has the expertise and knowledge required. The marketplace is flooded with the right developers.

2. Reduced Time-to-market

As a startup, you want to ensure you are the first to release the app into the market. As a result, you want to reduce the time-to-market, which is possible with React Native. The shared codebase, in-built library, and extensive community help ensure you can release the app into the market at the earliest.

3. Cost-effective Framework

Startups are always crunched for funds. As a result, you need a framework that allows you to develop and scale without too much investment. With the best React Native app development company, you hire one developer at a cost-efficient rate and develop an Android and iOS.

4. Reusable Components

There are a lot of components within every React Native application development, which you can use to build another application. The base of every element is a strong logic that you can use to create your new application.

These components use the same logic on iOS and Android and can be incorporated into the logic of your application. When you start developing a new application, reusing these logic codes can help you speed up the development process.

You can easily adjust a few things here and there, and the whole code can change. So you don't need to go in-depth with your coding or code changes.

5. Open-source Community

This is an open-source framework, and the code is readily available for you to change. You can also create new code atop this one and make the inclusions you want with the framework.

Additionally, community help allows you to get features you are planning, helping you whenever you are stuck with React Native app development.

6. Declarative Coding

Your code must be readable and understandable for everyone concerned. With React Native, you can use the declarative coding method to make the code easy and legible. Furthermore, it is easy to implement this readable code.

React Native is growing popular because of the following reasons.

hire dedicated developers

Reasons React Native is Popular

A lot of startups are considering React Native. However, it is essential to note that startups aren't the only ones considering this framework. Here is why React Native is a popular framework.

  1. Most often, we don't consider using frameworks that require a lot of maintenance. That's why a lot of the current frameworks are ignored by a majority of businesses. This framework contains all the code elements that you can use within applications.
    It is a flexible software development framework that allows you to create applications effortlessly.
  2. Today's applications are interactive and intuitive. You want to be able to create applications that delve into user engagement. That's why a lot of businesses prefer using React Native, as it offers seamlessness in interaction. You can create robust infrastructure with React Native
  3. Testing an application is essential, and you can do that with ease with React Native. The developers can work closely with the testing engineers to deliver perfect app solutions. You can check the bugs, remove the errors and check if the app is performing at par with your needs or not.

Frequently Asked Questions About React Native

1. How long would you take to complete a web application with React Native?
The time taken to develop a React Native application depends on the following factors:

  • The features to be included
  • The complexity of the application
  • The functionality planned for the app

2. Is React Native a Frontend Application Framework?
React Native is a frontend application framework that was written using JavaScript by Facebook. It is a lightweight framework and is known for the virtual DOM feature it offers

Top Startups that Use React Native

This is one of the apps that embraced React Native framework and managed to grab a monthly user base up to 175Mn. Pinterest also managed to keep increasing these numbers with time. With a high-performance and quick loading application, they were able to clock these numbers with ease.

This application makes designing a website easy for the end-users. Wix created its application using React Native. The application's primary purpose was to provide ease of use and complete flexibility to the people using the application. With React Native, they managed to grab a whole 110Mn users. The company was able to scale quickly owing to the React Native framework.

This is yet another application that was designed using React Native. As a result, they could quickly scale up their application and grant access to a large user base with the lightweight application. Today, the website boasts of 24.48Mn users. 


React Native is an excellent choice for startups, whether they want to create an MVP or a new application for the business. It helps speed up the app development, iterations as well as releases.

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