7 Facts Why Should Startups Consider React Native for Mobile App Development

February 27, 2024 8 min read
react native for startup businesses

The startup culture is fast-evolving. With innovation at its core and disruption at the fore, these startups are ready to redefine customer experiences. You cannot ignore the 6.4 billion smartphone customers present globally (Statista). These customers spend close to 3.8 trillion hours using mobile apps (App Annie). People spend close to 90% of their mobile time browsing and using the different apps (eMarketer).

These numbers indicate that you need a mobile-first strategy to lure your customers and penetrate your target market. When people find your mobile app engaging and stay longer, it will add to your conversion numbers. 
At least 10% of startups fail in their first year. One of the biggest reasons is not being relevant or misreading the demand. While going through your validation process, you didn't gauge the actual customers, or the market needs appropriately, which led to failure.

The second biggest reason is being not able to pivot. It would help if you iterated your solutions to match the evolving market. That's where the choice of a good framework and suitable SDK comes to play.

What Factors Contribute to Startup Success?

Before we identify the most fruitful platform for your business app, let's understand what makes a startup successful.

  • A startup should be able to build and test products faster. This will enable them to accelerate product launches and enter the market before others.
  • The startups should be able to pivot their products to meet the end-user demands and capitalize on the data provided. It will help them penetrate better and maximize their reach.
  • It is only a matter of weeks to months when the startups grow from a few thousand to lakhs of customers. They should be able to scale their platform to meet the new load.
  • There are fewer resources and very little money involved with a startup. However, they need to ensure that the tight budget doesn't stop them from growing at a faster rate. The startups should release updates in the defined timelines to improve their standing.

As a startup, you should be able to penetrate faster and in your target market to maximize reach and visibility. You can't achieve all of this using a native app platform. You will double your spending and might even reduce your speed to make up for performance and scaling requirements.

The other way to achieve all of this without compromise is cross-platform app development.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Cross-platform Framework

You need to ensure that your cross-platform app development framework supports your development requirements. You need to consider these factors when you look for a suitable framework.

things to consider when choosing a cross-platform framework

Development Cost:

hen working on a tight budget, you need to ensure that the platform you are selecting supports your budget. As a result, find a cross-platform app framework that can help you reduce cost and maximize quality. It should support performance requirements.

Post-launch Support:

The post-launch of the app is the most crucial period for any app developer. It is the time when you will release upgrades to the business app. If you have already planned an extensive upgrade schedule, cross-platform may not work. If you have a schedule for upgrades that can be handled by either Flutter or React, you can choose to go with either.

Accessibility of Developers:

When you choose a cross-platform framework, you need to ensure that the developers are available for build-to-test and launch support. Choose a framework with good community support and ease of availability of experienced developers.

Accelerate App Launch:

As we discussed, startups need to launch their products before the competition. If your app reaches the market first, you can convert the first group of visitors into loyalists. Eventually, it will impact ratings and popularity too. It would help if you chose a framework that supports your idea of getting to the market first as a startup.

Why is React Native the Framework for Startups?

why is react native the best framework for startups businesses

Faster and Smoother Development

When you use React Native to process your mobile startup app, you will notice that it accelerates your time-to-market. With this framework, your build-to-test time is significantly reduced, enabling you to launch faster.

The reusable UI components play a pivotal role in ensuring faster development. Owing to the code-once-use-everywhere philosophy of React Native, these components are hosted as reusable blocks. You can add them to the elements without coding again whenever you need them.

Similarly, to drive a more native experience, you can use some native-like components. These are reusable too for React Native app development, which leverages native tools like GPS and camera to enhance the experience. You can use these blocks without coding, thus saving your developer's time.

Extends Support to Third-Party Plugins

React Native platform offers excellent support to all third-party plugins. It is possible that your framework may not have all the features or functionality present inherently. That's why you need the help of third-party solutions. By integrating them, you can enhance the feature and appeal of your mobile app.

The support you receive includes native and JavaScript modules, which help you leverage the native functions, which are otherwise absent. Similarly, it allows you to use the code and language not available with the framework.

For example, if you want to implement a navigation system in your app for a public healthcare facility, you must use third-party plugins.

Changes in Production Environment

Why would changes in the live environment impact positively?

When you make the changes, and they are immediately reflected, it saves a lot of your editing, testing, and building time. You will be able to introduce feature changes without impacting the live application.

The hot reloading feature available with React Native makes it the most popular platform. It allows developers to inject the new file versions without impacting the original file. This is especially good when you are tweaking the interface design, or you want to introduce another functionality in the application.

To enable code changes, you need to press hot reload, and there, you have saved time that goes into testing, deploying, and then checking the code live. You just saw the change in a live environment and made it live.

Easy Access to Developers

As a startup, you need to have a developer on board as soon as you start devising your mobile app. with Hire React Native Developer; you will never find a shortage of mobile app developers. The strong community backing and the ever-growing number of expert developers are at your disposal.

You will need to go through a screening process and initial hiring cost to add them to your team. If you are not too sure of in-house development, you can always outsource the work to a React Native development company.

Native-like Experience

When it comes to increasing engagement, you need to improve the overall experience of the user within the application. For this alone, you should use React Native. It uses components that are known as React Native widgets, which make the interface and code appear to be native-like

It leverages the native device features and coding abilities to make the app more experiential.

Cost-effective Platform

One of the most significant advantages of using React Native is the cost. You will notice a substantial reduction in overall app development and deployment costs.

Let's compare it with native app development, where you need to develop an app solution for each platform. However, with React Native, you can create a single codebase and use it with both iOS and Android.

This will significantly save the hiring, platform, and deployment costs, thus making the whole process cost-efficient.

The Development Environment

The development environment is startup-friendly in many ways. Some tools allow you to view your changes in the live setting. You can use the advanced features and plugins to create the same layout for Android and iOS.

Coding can be done systematically with some intelligent tools. Some libraries and components improve the developer's productivity.

React Native is a developer's paradise that offers intelligent and extensive ways to improve app experiences.

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Startups that Use React Native

Some popular startups began their journey with React Native. Let's take a quick look at them.


Wix is a popular website-building platform that allows customers to launch their sites quickly. However, when the application moved from a few hundred to 110 million customers, it had to scale the platform immediately. That's when the startup moved to React Native.

This fast and efficient framework and flexibility allowed the startup to launch an application that could grow with their business in less time. As the coding is done in JavaScript, Wix didn't undergo training or hiring costs to produce the application.


The startup wanted an application development framework to release the apps faster and scale their platform with ease. That's when they turned to React Native. Even today, their iOS app interface runs on React Native.

As an eCommerce solution that needs to launch updates quickly, the main benefit of React Native is hot reloading. The startup could roll out updates faster and be more proactive with this feature, thus garnering a vast user base.


As a startup, you need more traction and visibility. If you rely on a single platform, you might limit your reach. Cross-platform is a great way to penetrate the target market and be more visible.

React Native offers a more native-like appeal and quick development approach suitable to startups. It helps you develop interactive interfaces that make up for rich experiences.

With extensive experience in developing cross-platform solutions for startups with React Native, Expert App Devs offers exceptional solutions for diverse needs. We identify your unique requirements before converting them into a reliable solution.

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