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Inventory management apps can help businesses across industries maintain their supply chain and enhance customer experiences. The best-fit mobile inventory app can help forecast inventory requirements, prevent stock-outs and help companies stay organized. 

Business Problem

The lack of control and visibility into the inventory led to significant stockouts, delays in the supply chain, and growing issues with the supplier. As the process was manual, there were too many intermediaries that could either delay the process or cause major inventory issues. This led to fractioned user experiences.

After the Pandemic, many businesses went online, leading to more inventory management issues. With a lack of on-ground support and continuous to-and-from between inventory management and sales, the companies lost focus on core tasks, thus leading to productivity issues.

The Big Idea

The client wanted inventory management apps to automate inventory service delivery, thus closing the gap between the salesperson and the delivery team.

The big idea: They wanted a solution allowing a salesperson to raise inventory requests as soon as they know there is a potential stockout. The delivery person should understand the request, process it immediately, and offer a solution.

A Small Brief into Inventory Management Apps

  • The mobile inventory app lets the salesperson get a complete purview of their inventory. They will know the existing stock, the potential stockouts, and the new inventory they need for the coming season.
  • They can raise requests for new inventory from the app by mentioning the stock requirements. The delivery team will look into the request, gather the materials, and offer real-time progress into the request.
  • The interface is developed to offer a live location for better tracking of the materials to be delivered.

Our Process

  • To build the inventory management apps, we connected with the client offline. We created a team of experienced analysts, developers, and designers who will lead the project.
  • Once the knowledge was transferred and primary research was conducted, we started working on the scope.
  • We listed the features, technology, and estimated budget during this phase. We defined the business logic for the development.
  • We defined a communication procedure we followed through the end of developing the mobile inventory app.
  • Our team was responsible for planning, UX design, interface, development, and project deployment. During all phases, the client was part of the entire loop, ensuring transparent and open communication.
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We needed to create an on-demand B2B inventory management system, which required lining up all the possible wholesale and retail outlets. This was a bit challenging as the logic and requirements changed for B2B.

The user should be able to select the pickup and delivery location, which meant we had to ensure that all the nearby dealers were added, specifically for B2B outlets. This required a bit of time.

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  • Admin Portal

    The system admin can use the admin portal to manage the inventory management app process from the intuitive and user friendly interface.

  • Location Search

    The salesperson can search nearby locations on the Google Map for pickup and delivery location.

  • Google Map Integration

    The salesperson and delivery person can view location on the Google Map interface.

  • Delivery Requests

    The salesperson can create and manage delivery requests from the mobile inventory app. The salesperson can also view request history from the app.

  • Live Status Updates

    The salesperson can view the live location of the delivery person in Google map and as well as view request status updates from the inventory management app

  • Request History

    The salesperson and delivery person, both can view request history from the app.

  • Push notifications

    Both, salesperson and delivery person will receive in-app push notifications for delivery requests and request status updates.

  • User Management

    Admin can manage salesperson and delivery person from a web admin portal.

  • Request Management

    Admin can manage delivery requests and view the status of delivery requests from the web portal.

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