IoT Museum Guide Application

Education & Training

The IoT Museum guide app will help visitors learn more about the monuments. It will enhance the learning ability and offer more information. The visitor need not read the placards on the idol or monument. They can scan the QR code or select a particular artifact and get information.

Business Problem

The Naval Museums in Turkey wanted to provide more engagement to the visitors. They were facing issues getting people to enjoy themselves while inside the museum. Their information wasn’t enough on the boards, and people needed human guides to take them through the museum.

However, guides may or may not be able to offer everything. Plus, having a guide could be termed as an intrusion into the experience. They wanted to render better experiences inside the museum while making it welcoming for the users.

The Big Idea

The client wanted the information to go mobile for the customers. It should be translated immediately on reaching the artifact or monument.
The big idea: An IoT-based museum guide app that would connect with the artifact as soon as the user nears the location and offer a detailed insight into the history and current status.

Brief into IoT Museum Guide App

  • The museum guide app uses the iBeacon technology to connect the artifact to the mobile app over Bluetooth. As soon as the user comes in the range of the iBeacon for the artifact, they can pull the app and discover details about it.
  • The users can also get an audio file for the artifact that is a guide talking to you about the monument, its history, and other interesting details.
  • The app has been designed for accessibility. Everything from the audio to the visuals is written in lucid language to improve conversions.

Our Process

  • After several meetings with the client, the requirements were clear to us. They wanted to digitize the artifacts so that it is easy to access. They also wanted to develop a smart application so that users could access the audio and written document while inside the museum. 
  • Our technical team worked out several patterns and logic before finalizing the iBeacon hardware and Bluetooth to enable to smart application. We finalized the scope before getting started.
  • Once it was approved, we designed the application keeping the users in mind. Our team spent a lot of time coding the application, keeping in mind the quality and performance requirements.
museum guide app


The major challenge we faced was in implementing iBeacon hardware and ensuring seamless transfer of information in real-time over Bluetooth. To overcome this challenge, we planned the design logic and chose the ideal technology stack.

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  • iBeacon (IoT)

    The whole application is working with the iBeacon concept, when the user is in beacon range the audio file automatically starts playing.

  • Bluetooth(BLE)

    The application requires Bluetooth (BLE) permissions for iBeacon ranging and discovery.

  • Audio Player

    The museum guide app will automatically start the audio player when a user is inside the museum premise and comes within range of the iBeacon.

  • Queue Management

    The application will automatically queue the newly discovered artifact audio file and will add to the audio player list.

  • Multi Language Support

    The application supports multilingual interface with English and Turkish language for both global and local outreach.

  • Museum Guide

    The users can view the whole museum audio guides without the iBeacon support from the library section.

  • Application Help

    The users can view application tutorials on how to use the application as well as enable the required settings.

  • Notifications

    The mobile app shows notifications when iBeacons are discovered. The app shows in-app alert notifications when the app is open and push notifications when the app is in background.

  • Admin Portal

    The system admin can use the admin portal to manage the application museums and the mobile app content from a user friendly interface.

  • Museum Management

    The system admin can create new museums and assign museum admins who can also access the admin interface with limited access to their museums only.

  • iBeacon Management

    The system admin and museum admin can manage iBeacon devices from the admin panel and assign audio guides to them.

  • Audio Guide Management

    In the museum guide app, The system admin and museum admin can manage audio guides file and content from the admin interface.

App Screenshot

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