Hiring a Flutter Developer

January 26, 2022 3 min read
hire flutter developer

There are a couple of things that you should take care whenever you are hiring Flutter developers. You should try to cover all the aspects that should be required to hire a Flutter developer.

First, you need to check if the candidate's soft skills are good or not because In the Software industry candidates should have adequate soft skills to understand requirements of others and it is also important to explain certain requirements to others. And it is also necessary when we are dealing with international clients so softs skills are a must.

Next, you have to check that the developer is experienced in Flutter or if you are hiring a fresher then just check basic OOPS concepts, basic java, swift, Play Store & App Store knowledge, aptitude test, etc.

Then, You should check which coding standards are used by candidates. It should be the basic coding patterns and check they should have knowledge of standard and valid naming conventions.

And please also check that candidates must have version control knowledge tools such as git,svn, etc .

A Flutter candidate must have very good knowledge of the dart programming language because it is the official programming language of flutter development.

A Flutter candidate must have knowledge about all the command line tools and also useful commands for troubleshooting and debugging.

A Flutter candidate should have enough knowledge of flutter fundamentals and state management.

A Flutter candidate must have knowledge about all the basic widgets and its properties. Widgets such as Column, Row, Container, buttons, text, etc... 

A Flutter candidate should have enough experience in UI designing and Animations.

Please also check that flutter candidates should have enough experience with local database storage.

And Flutter candidates should have enough knowledge of migrating their source code with updated Flutter sdk as flutter is growing technology so as a flutter developer candidate should cope up with the latest trends.

A Flutter candidate should have knowledge of some native development also for debugging and troubleshooting and also for some basic configuration for implementing third party libraries using available plugins in flutter.

A Flutter candidate must have knowledge of subspace.yaml because it contains all the information about project dependency and resources. 

A Flutter candidate must have experience with REST apis and other network calls.

And please also assess the flutter candidates if they have experienced with some advandance implementation of plugins and libraries such as payment getaways, maps, video streaming, notifications, etc. 

Check if Flutter candidate has knowledge of optimations and automated test case development or not.

As Flutter is a cross-platform UI toolkit so it supports android, ios, the web also so flutter candidates should have knowledge of maintaining code base in such a way that all platforms should work efficiently. 

And at last A flutter candidate should have knowledge of the deployment process for the release.

So Above of the some of the key areas of focus when you are hiring a flutter developer.

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