How to Hire the Best Flutter App Developers in India?

February 27, 2024 11 min read
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When you think of mobile app development, either for Android or iOS, one programming language comes to your mind.


Flutter has completely revolutionized the global mobile app development industry in recent years.

Statistic- Cross-platform mobile frameworks used by software developers worldwide from 2019 to 2021

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In 2021, Flutter surpassed React Native by 4% and became a leading cross-platform mobile app development framework. In the upcoming years, Flutter will surely remain on the top of the list as its ecosystem is growing exponentially. Its single code base for all operating systems makes it the most preferred programming language amongst developers worldwide.

Some iconic mobile apps made on the Flutter framework are Pay N Park, BeerCert, Hamilton, Google Ads, Xianyu by Alibaba, Lunching, and Take Your Seat.

If you want to create a robust, feature-rich, user-friendly, and impressive mobile app, hire Flutter developer now.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is built on Google's Dart programming language and includes a Portable User Interface (UI) toolkit.

Flutter mobile development ensures mobile apps in record time thanks to Dart, which has unique capabilities like Hot Reload and Ahead of Time compilations.

The main reason why developers love Flutter is not just its speed. Google comes up with regular updates with new features to make Flutter app development simpler and effortless. In addition to that, it also has its own widget library with endless UI widgets and animations.

You can create a highly impressive mobile app that lures your audience in just no time.

Also, unlike React JS and other reactive platforms, Flutter does not require a JavaScript Bridge, making it the people's preference!

If you plan to outsource development or employ an app developer, follow these important considerations to narrow down your possibilities.

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What Are The Top 10 Necessary Skills of Flutter Developers?

The next section will discuss the top 10 skills a good Flutter developer must possess. Here is a list:

1. Expertise in Writing Clean Code

A Flutter developer must know how to write clean code. It is a basic skill that every Flutter developer must work on. When you can write clean code, it also quickens the app development process. So, it is a win-win situation for both- developers and clients.

Also, writing clean code helps developers to use it as a reference while developing other apps in the future.

2. Developing and Designing Apps

When you hire Flutter developers, ensure they have a proven track record of developing and designing mobile apps. An ideal Flutter developer should be able to work in challenging situations.

Check his portfolio if you want to hire a cross-platform app developer. Hire someone who has developed such cross-platform apps in the past.

Furthermore, they should be able to think innovatively and logically to develop out-of-the-box functionalities and features for an app.

3. Bug Fixing

Not just bug fixing, a skilled Flutter developer will be able to anticipate bugs while developing an app.

With the agile testing methodology, developers and QAs can test a particular feature of the app once it is developed to find bugs and errors. They can address such bugs immediately.

Developers should be able to address bugs and other malfunction issues as soon as they find them.

4. Involvement in Development Cycle

You are not alone when you work on a mobile app development project. There are project managers, UI/UX designers, QAs, and clients. An ideal developer is a very good team member.

Flutter app developers you hire should be able to work as excellent team players for a project. Individual preferences must not affect the development process. Hence, it is advisable to check whether the developer can work in a team or not.

5. Innovative

You will find thousands of applications on the Google Play Store and Apple Store for a specific domain, for example, step counter.

What lures a user is an innovation. How innovative your app is will determine its fate. Hence, you need to hire Flutter developers who are highly creative and think out-of-the-box when adding new features and functionalities.

6. Able to Use Tools

There are various tools Flutter developers will use while developing mobile apps.

Some of the tools are version tools such as Git and Github, Flutter Framework, Android Studio, Visual Studio Code, Flutter DevTools such as Flutter Inspector and Timeline, Design tools such as Flutter Studio, Adobe XD, and Figma, etc.

The Flutter developer you hire should be well-versed with these tools to make the app development process smooth sailing.

7. Experience or Knowledge of Dart

Dart is a superlative, client-side programming language. All basic Flutter scripts are written in Dart only. It is an object-oriented language allowing developers mobile apps, web applications, game apps, and desktop applications.

Hence, you must hire Flutter developer who is well-versed with Dart. It is a multidimensional programming language for building special applications.

8. Knowledge of Agile and Waterfall Software Development Methodologies

Hire Flutter developers familiar with multiple software development methodologies, especially Agile and Waterfall.

Agile and Waterfall SD methodologies are highly preferred by developers worldwide. They are easy to understand and easy-to-use methods that save time and effort.

The Flutter workflow is based on these two methodologies. Hence, knowing them is crucial for a Flutter developer.

9. Knowledge of Git

Git has become an inseparable part of any developer's life. No matter which programming language or framework you use for app development, Git is essential for developers to develop highly functional and impressive apps.

10. Knowledge of Flutter-specific Widgets

If you want to develop a mobile app with Flutter, hire Flutter developer who is well-versed with some Flutter-specific widgets such as GestureDetector, AssetImage, NetworkImage, MaterialApp, Scaffold, AppBar, MaterialAppBar, etc.

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In-House vs. Outsourced Flutter Developers

Developing an in-house team might be an option for you, but it might not be viable.

Building an in-house team requires a lot of time and effort. Furthermore, it might cost you a lot too. If you are a startup, establishing an in-house team with all the resources, infrastructure, and tools might not be a feasible solution.

Instead, you can outsource your project to a dedicated team of developers, project managers, UI/UX designers, and QAs. There are some astonishing benefits of hiring an outsourcing agency. When it comes to in-house Vs. Outsourcing comparison, the latter wins clearly. Here is a list of benefits of outsourcing your Flutter project to dedicated Flutter developers.

  • Dedicated developers will solely work on your project.
  • It is a cost-effective deal as you don't have to develop infrastructure and other resources for the project.
  • You will have developers with the skill set required for the project.
  • You can launch your software or app at the right time to have a competitive edge.
  • Dedicated developers have a quick turnaround time compared to an in-house team.
  • Dedicated developers will communicate directly with you. There will be no communication barriers.
  • You can expect superior professionalism and transparency with the outsourcing partner.

It is in your best interest to hire Flutter developer from an outsourced partner rather than developing an in-house team.

6 Key Steps to Hire Flutter Developer

Once you have decided to hire Flutter developers for your project, you need to find one. Here is a list of the top 6 steps: 

1. Write an informative job opening

You cannot mess up this part. Creating a compelling and descriptive Job Description is very crucial. List down almost everything you want in a Flutter developer, such as skills, experience, job duration, and other details.

For example, if you want a developer with more than five years of experience, clearly mention it in the JD.

2. Know where to find them

You should know where to find the right candidate for your project. There are many resources to hire Flutter app developers. For example, you can start with Google. You can find many IT outsourcing agencies on Google for each country.

You can also ask your professional partners if they have previously hired some companies for their software development projects.

3. Prioritize the selection process

Determining the right selection process is also a vital thing. You need to prioritize it first to avoid last-minute hurdles. Here is a standard selection process:

  • Shortlisting the candidates
  • Offering them a subject test
  • Technical interview with the candidate
  • Personal interview
  • Final interview

4. Prepare the right interview questions

Prepare the right questions for the interview. Ensure that the question list covers all the issues and matters you want to discuss with the candidate.

For example, if you have a time zone difference and you want the developer to be available on your time, discuss it with him. Also, don't hesitate to ask technical and personal questions if you have any in mind.

5. Soft and hard skills matter

When you want to hire Flutter developer, ensure that you check whether they possess soft and hard skills or not. Soft skills include interpersonal skills, communication skills, collaboration skills, problem-solving skills, leadership skills, etc.

On the other hand, hard skills are technical skills such as programming language proficiency, developing skills, coding skills, etc.

Check both types of skills in a candidate, as both are important for your project.

6. Consider hiring remote developers

Remote developers are the ones who can offer you the best quality outcome at the best price in the market. They are far away geographically but will leave no stones unturned to complete the project in time.

Remote developers possess all the skills required for the project and will solely work on your project rather than on multiple projects simultaneously.

Furthermore, they also treat your information with the utmost care. Data security and privacy are their top priorities, with the tight user base access regulations, non-disclosure agreement, and flawless storage architecture.

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5 Challenges to Avoid While Hiring Flutter Developers

1. Not paying attention to cultural fit

Most businesses make this mistake by hiring someone who is not culturally fit for their organizations. When you hire such individuals for your project, you will not just put your project at risk but also jeopardize your company's reputation. It is a practice you need to avoid.

2. Choosing the lowest salary rates

When you hire Flutter developers in India, your main concern is to save some costs. However, it does not mean that you hire a team that ranks low regarding skill set, transparency, or professionalism.

You need to hire a team with a proven track record and a sound portfolio to ensure the best outcomes. Don't compromise on quality over the cost of the project.

3. Limited your access to talents

You can find the best team with proficient Flutter developers, innovative UI/UX developers, and highly professional project managers. However, some businesses don't wait until they find the right team and hire an incompetent one.

You should not commit such mistakes. Dig deeper, and you will find the right team that perfectly aligns with your project requirements.

4. Failing to conduct a proper tech interview

Take your time to prepare a list of technical questions. Ask as many questions as you can to determine a candidate's expertise. Don't hire anyone in a hurry and regret the decision later.

5. Hiring from freelancing platforms

There are many freelancing platforms on the internet. You can surely hire Flutter app developers from such sources, but some risks are associated.

Individual freelancers might not work dedicatedly for you as they might be working on multiple projects. Data security and confidentiality are also other concerns when you work with freelancers.

Instead, you should hire a team of dedicated developers who solely work on your project. It will help you get a better outcome at the best price.

Where to Hire Flutter Developers?

Countries such as India, Ukraine, Poland, The Philippines, Romania, and Brazil are the best places to find Flutter developers. India has been one of the most preferred business destinations for software outsourcing.

It has become a global IT hub with the right talent, outsourcing-friendly government policies, and English-language proficiency.

You can hire Flutter developer India with an average cost of $25 to $45 per hour.

Expert App Devs is a trusted Flutter app development company that has set a benchmark by offering businesses comprehensive, tailored, and results-oriented Flutter app development solutions at just $22 per hour or $2500 per month as per your project requirements.

We have the best-dedicated Flutter developers team with a proven track record. We have delivered more than 2,500 astonishing mobile apps since our inception and have a team strength of more than 400 Developers, UI/UX Designers, Project Managers, Business Analysts, and Quality Analysts to help you.

No matter how complex your project is, Hire Flutter developers or a Flutter development team with us who stay updated with the latest Flutter updates. Not just that, they also practice such updates in real-time projects.


Hiring dedicated Flutter developers from India can be the best, thoughtful decision for your app development project.

Expert App Devs can be the ideal destination to hire Flutter developers for your project. Hire us and expect the best outcomes in terms of quality, professionalism, and transparency. We have won the trust and respect of our clients by offering the best innovative Flutter solutions that serve their business purposes.

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