Top 10 Social Networking App Development Ideas for Startups

January 31, 2024 9 min read
Top 10 Social Networking App Development Ideas

We are living in a world surrounded by social networking apps today. It is the generation of social media. Social networking apps play the cupid connector between two parties these days. Whether it is between family, friends, business, or anything else, social media is the prime mode of connection.

With so much use of social media for everything, there is a flood of social networking applications in the market. Each app serves a different purpose. Having an idea of a startup in such a heavy market is quite challenging. But with the right understanding of the market and a strong idea you can definitely succeed.

Today in our blog, we will discuss the boom of the social media market, its current statistics, and the niches that should be explored more by social networking app development businesses.

Let us first talk about the current social media networking market.

Social Media Networking Market

As per the research conducted by Backlinko, 56.8% of the world's population is currently active on different social media platforms. The average usage by an account per day is 2 hours 24 minutes. Hence, we can say that people are willing to use social networking app development platforms every day and will definitely encourage newcomers in the market.

Percentage of People Use Social Media Backlinko

But our point here is what social networking app will work best? Is your idea for a new social media app development worth it? Choosing the right genre and picking the pain points of the social media market in it, will help you create a revolutionary social media application.

Here we have curated the top 10 social networking app development ideas for startups to establish their foot in the market.

10 Social Networking App Development Ideas for Startups

App Idea #1: Local Community Connector App

Local Community Connector App Concept

A local community application that connects with people from the same community is a need of society. This application can be a way to share community-related news among folks, updates on upcoming events, and connect with families on a personal level.

This application can bring people belonging to the same community closer virtually at a personal level in this busy world. The features that a local community app must have are community matrimony, birth and death updates in the community, family trees, and forthcoming events. 

App Idea #2: Niche Interest Networks App

Niche Interest Networks App Concept

Dedicated social networking apps customly made for specific passions can create invaluable experiences for like-minded individuals. Applications like Strava (for runners & cyclists), Goodreads (for book lovers), and Dogblr (for dog owners) are some examples of niche interest networks.

With these social networking apps parallel individuals can connect, share insights, and grow together within their respective interests. These apps help people having the same hobbies or interests communicate and learn from each other.

App Idea #3: Professional Networking Revamped App

Professional Networking Revamped App Concept

There are already established professional networking applications available in the market. LinkedIn being the biggie provides lots of features for business opportunities. But a completely revamped professional networking app with innovative features will give a fresh initiative to competent business connections.

The modern professional networking app should have features like a priority to mentorship, real-time industry news, fosters discussion about career growth, and trustworthy job opportunities.

App Idea #4: Educational Social Network App

Educational Social Network App Concept

An interactive platform promoting educational associations would be a great idea. With this social media app, students with identical educational interests all over the world can connect. They can form a group to exchange study materials, discuss their points, solve queries, and a lot more.

The prime features for educational social networking app development should include group study, availability of educational resources, quick connection with experts, ask questions segment, etc.

App Idea #5: Health and Wellness Community App

Health and Wellness Community App Concept

Social networking apps specially developed for the health and wellness community will give nurturing space to fitness freaks. With fitness community help, people can connect with each other and talk about their physical and mental fitness. Ask for advice, share their experiences on fitness regimes, and much more.

Some major features to be incorporated into this social networking app development are wellness challenges, expert guidance, health trackers, chat with coaches, community groups, etc.

App Idea #6: Creative Collaboration Platform App

Creative Collaboration Platform App Concept

A networking platform for creators where they can talk about their work, share their ideas, and connect with fellow creators is a great idea to implement. We already have applications like Instagram and YouTube to celebrate video creators. But here we are talking about social networking app development for other artists such as singers, painters, writers, and many more.

These social media apps should consist of features like sharing your creations, collaborating with fellow artists, constructive feedback section, building a portfolio, etc.

App Idea #7: Event Planning and Networking App

Event Planning and Networking App Concept

Planning an event is a demanding job. It takes lots of communication and networking with peers to execute a successful event. An event planning and networking app can serve as a vital tool for event planners.

It streamlines all these hectic tasks and executes them effortlessly. They can establish seamless connections with suppliers and workers, create a network, offer job opportunities, find new jobs, and much more.

A perfect event planning and social networking app development should include features like discovering new events, connecting with suppliers, connecting with workers, showcasing portfolios, event planning tools, etc.

App Idea #8: Travel and Adventure Networking App

Travel and Adventure Networking App Concept

A travel networking app caters to explorers eager to discover new places around the world. With a travel and adventure social networking app, travelers can connect with like-minded folks, take a tour to new places virtually, forge new traveler friends, and beyond.

This platform stands as a gathering place for travelers to share their experiences, travel itineraries, and exclusive tips while traveling to particular places.

Noteworthy features of this social media app development encompass trip planning, connecting with travel buddies, and curated itineraries for different destinations.

App Idea #9: Parenting Network App

Parenting Network App Concept

Creating a nurturing space for parents, where they can share experiences, connect with fellow parents, and ask for guidance to make the best decisions for their children is a fab idea. Whether it is new parents navigating challenges in their new role or the veterans embracing their journey of parenthood.

A parent's app allows them to bridge with fellow buddies enrouting the same journey. The top features of a parenting social media app development should include child age group sorting, and community posts to share your issues and experiences.

App Idea #10: Sustainable Living Community App

Sustainable Living Community App Concept

Sustainable living is a requirement today. Many people are aware of its importance but not everyone knows how to implement it into their lives. A sustainable living community app can be a helpful platform that encourages them to make informed choices towards an eco-friendly lifestyle.

The major features of a sustainable living social media app development are Community Engagement where they can share their idea of sustainable living, an educational content page to understand sustainability, tips on sustainability, and tracking of sustainable habits.

Once you have pinpointed the niche for your startup, it's crucial to understand the trending features to add to your enterprise social networking software for developing a trending social media application.

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15 Trending Features to Add to Your Apps

Trending Features to Add Into Your App

1. Augmented Reality (AR) Integration: AR has the power to revolutionize user experience by allowing users to interact with the digital world in a more immersive way. This can include AR filters social apps for photos and videos, virtual try-ons for products, or interactive AR games.

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Personalization: AI serves to personalize the user experience, offering customized content recommendations based on individual preferences and behaviors. AI Development includes personalized news feeds, targeted advertising, and chatbots for customer support.

3. Advanced Privacy and Security Features: With increasing concerns over data privacy, providing robust app security features is essential. This includes end-to-end encryption, two-factor authentication, and customizable privacy settings.

4. Video Content and Live Streaming: Video content, especially live streaming, has gained immense popularity. Features like live Q&A sessions, video stories, and the ability to share and edit short videos are highly engaging.

5. Ephemeral Content: Ephemeral content, such as stories that disappear after 24 hours, encourages frequent user interaction and content sharing, keeping the platform dynamic and engaging.

6. Social Commerce: Integrating e-commerce features, where users can browse and purchase products directly within the app, can add significant value and convenience.

7. Community Building Tools: Features that facilitate community building, like groups, forums, and event planning tools, help in nurturing a sense of community among users.

8. Mental Health and Well-being Features: With a growing focus on mental health, features like screen time trackers, wellness tips, and mood-based content filters can be beneficial.

9. Voice Interaction and Assistance: Incorporating voice commands and voice-based navigation can enhance accessibility and ease of use.

10. Virtual Reality (VR) Integration: Although still emerging, VR can offer unique social experiences, like virtual meetups or events, especially as the technology becomes more mainstream.

11. Gamification Elements: Introducing game-like elements such as points, badges, and leaderboards can increase user engagement and make the app experience more fun and interactive.

12. Sustainable and Ethical Features: Highlighting and supporting sustainability and ethical practices can appeal to socially conscious users. This includes features that promote eco-friendly initiatives or charitable causes.

13. Multi-Language Support: Offering the app in multiple languages can expand its reach and make it more accessible to a global audience.

14. Integration with Other Services and Platforms: Allowing integration with other popular services and platforms can enhance functionality and user convenience.

15. Customizable User Interfaces: Enabling users to customize their app interface can improve the user experience by allowing them to create a look and feel that suits their preferences.


Social media is the fastest-growing platform these days. People love to spend time on social media. Having a startup in this field can be beneficial to you by 200%. Selecting a perfect niche to cater to your clientele is the only thing you have to do.

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