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The brand loyalty app is a move to help retail stores gain more customers and improve retention. The application will offer instant gratification through discounts and vouchers, improve loyalty via a points system, and increase retention. It will help business owners know their customers better and translate the insights into impactful decisions.

Business Problem

The local store owners have great difficulty identifying their target audience. They may know the frequent visitors but, have no clue how to get them back to the store. Devoid of essential data and methods of marketing, they are dependent on walk-ins.

As a result, they keep acquiring new customers with limited to no retention. With the newer business models such as on-demand delivery and immediate groceries, the local stores are facing issues getting customers to the store.

The Big Idea

The client wanted to make local stores known and get more people to visit them. the idea was to improve retention, and in turn, bring in more loyal customers.

The big idea: They wanted an application where the customers can check for discount offers and promotions at their choice of a local store. At the same time, it will provide the merchants with a detailed view of their customers, helping them take better decisions.

Brief into Brand Loyalty App

  • The brand loyalty app will help customers know of the latest promotions, discounts, and even offers running in the local stores. With this app, the customers can choose a store by location and look for recent notifications.
  • Using this app, they can earn points for shopping at these stores. This loyalty program will make them spend more to earn more points. As a result, it will secure loyalty for the business.
  • On the merchant side, it will help gather more data about the customers. The merchants will know their shopping preferences, usual spending, frequency, and other details. It will help them offer personalized benefits and discounts to get shoppers to the store repeatedly.
  • The brand loyalty app had to update local store data instantaneously. That's why the solution implemented QR codes and iBeacon integration.
  • This connected device approach allowed them to gather the details for the particular store as needed by the customer.

Our Process

  • The client and our team discussed the possibilities for this app, and after multiple meetings, we decided how the app should look.
  • We decided there should be a web portal to allow merchants to customize the application. The portal also helps with sales analytics and customer data.
  • Apart from this, the client wanted to go with iBeacon integration for data transfer over the Internet. They also used this integration along with QR codes to improve loyalty.
  • Once we knew the requirements, we planned the solution accordingly. Our first step was to strategize the integration, communication channels, and how to fetch the data.
  • We even designed the screens for the portal and app (both customer and merchant side). Once the designs were ready, our team started coding using test-driven environment.
  • As part of the development, we offered a dedicated team of iOS and Android app developers along with the backend and communications team to implement the project.
brand loyalty app


  • The data had to flow in real-time between the stores selected and the customer app. The backend-database communication with the client-facing application needed to be strong. At the same time, the updates should occur in real-time for the app data.

We ensured a smooth flow of data through iBeacon integration. Our team implemented the tech stack that could help develop capable IoT apps for the business requirement. 

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  • Social Login

    For easy access to applications, users can use their account using Facebook login and Google login login features

  • Nearby Stores

    Customers can view their nearby local stores using their current location and Google Map integration.

  • Store Filters

    Customers can filter the stores based on category and groups as well as also view listing in different modes like list, grid and map

  • iBeacons Integration

    Customers can collect and redeem stamps or offer points by visiting the local stores using Bluetooth enabled mobile phones and iBeacons.

  • QR Code Integration

    Stores can also use QR code instead of iBeacons. The system creates QR codes for all the stores and customers that would be used to collect and redeem the stamps.

  • Digital Wallet

    In the brand loyalty app, Customers can collect, view and manage stamps or points for all the stores and also redeem the stamps using a single mobile app.

  • Push Notifications

    brand loyalty app includes push notifications, so that users don’t miss any updates

  • Web Portal

    Dedicated web portal for store users to manage their stores, locations, promotions, QR codes, iBeacons or general information

  • Store Management

    Admin can enroll and manage store manager users from a web portal. Admin can manage store details on behalf of the store manager.

  • Store Data Management

    Store managers can login into the web admin portal and add store locations, offers or promotions, stamps, points, QR codes, iBeacon information.

  • User Management

    Admin can manage customer users from a web portal. Admin can also award stamps or points to customers from the admin panel.

  • Dashboard and Analytics

    Admin and store manager can view collected and redeemed stamps or points by all the customers. The web portal also has useful analytics which shows periodical collected and redeemed stamps and points.

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