React Router, Redux Saga, and More in React Native 2021

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React Router and Redux Saga in React Native

In this article, I am going to discuss “React Router and Redux Saga” in react native, in the past few years react has gained a lot of popularity. It’s a javascript library. 

About Router React - 

In React Native applications we use the React Router for managing routes, React Router is a declarative way for react native routing management. By using react router you don’t need to take any stress because it manages all manually settings for all pages and screens in your react native application.

React router is a popular library for routing in the React Native app. 

React router library helps us to solve the problem of navigating between one screen to another screen and sharing data between them.

React Router has three main components that help us to make routes possible.

 About Redux - 

Redux is designed to help you write JavaScript apps. It is also a predictable state container, it behaves consistently across server, client and native environments as well as being easy to test.

Redux is used as state management with React Native, you can use it with any library or JavaScript framework. you don’t worry about your application’s size, it only takes 2kb with dependencies.

Using redux we can keep your application state in a store and every component can access these states.

Redux Architecture

About Redux Saga - 

Redux-Saga is a middleware library of redux, it is designed to make your redux app nice and simple as well it handles the side effects of the redux app. 

Redux - saga achieves this by ES6 feature called Generators it allows us to write asynchronous code which looks synchronous as well it is very easy to test.


About Redux Saga

Why we use Redux Saga - 

Why use Redux Saga

You are able to test your asynchronous flows very easily and your actions stay pure.

At this time every company which works on react native app development or we can say react native app development company India wants the developer to know about react native router, react router nested routes and react-native saga, etc.

Create React Native App - 

Here we go to create a react native app in which we install the navigation and redux-saga third party plugin so let’s start…

Step 1 — Create React Native App : 



React-native init reduxSagaAppExample 


Step 2 — Install React Router : 



npm install @react-navigation/native @react-navigation/stack


Step 3 — Install React - Saga: 



npm install react-saga


By adding these above npm plugins you are able to use React Router & Redux saga function on your app.

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